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Learning Arabic for Beginners

Want to Learn Arabic to Read Qur’an?

We have collected a few resources that we recommend that are free to help you learn the Qur’anic Arabic, known as “Fus-Ha”. A brief description of their services are provided below for each. The titles in blue are links, which will take you to their site.


Madinah Arabic

This website has lessons which covers both reading and vocabulary. It has free lessons, and if you want a private tutor, there is a fee, but otherwise it is free. Course books are also available on the site for download (also free).


Qur’anic Sciences

This website is also free, and but it only teaches reading, not vocabulary. It does incorporate tajweed (qur’anic pronunciation) built into the lessons. It is self-paced, and you can click on the letters or words to hear them via audio clip, and it will even keep track of how many times you clicked each, to make it clear which ones you need to practice more. By the last lesson, you will be able to read Qur’an with tajweed.


Arabic Alphabet with Imam Zia

Imam Zia has free beginner’s video lessons to learn the Arabic alphabet and vowel sounds.  He also has paid courses at 


Live Lessons via Web Conferencing for Sisters ONLY

You can join this group on Facebook for SISTERS ONLY to learn Quran online, live, in live classes via video conferencing. Request to join, and then check out the pinned post in the group it will include all days/timings of classes and how to join the lessons. They have lessons taught by various languages, the English group is linked in the title above.


Islamic Phrases with Translations in English (Written)


Islamic Phrases Explained (Video)


Islamic Dictionary – Most common terms used by Muslims

We will post more over time, as we find sites that are free and of good quality such as these above, that we think are worth recommending.  There are lots of paid sites that teach this, but there are equally as many that are free.  

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