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Recommended Websites for Various Audiences

Check our recommended websites for ….

Non-Muslims in General to Learn About Islam  

New Muslims to Get a Foundation of Knowledge  

Muslims to Gain More In-depth Knowledge  


Dawah Training

Dawah Brochures

At these two links, you can download a variety of FREE e-brochures, and print to give out to your friends, or you can simply email them also.  There is an option to purchase some to be mailed out also.  (USA Based)  (Australian Based)

Dawah Training

Dr. Bilal Philips has a training course for dawah you can do for free. The first link is a e-book you can download for free, and the second is a video lecture series for dawah training that is 13 lectures long.


iERA’s Online Dawah Training  

Messengers of Peace Dawah Training Courses  

Mission Dawah  

Just Dawah’s Training Materials  

E-Book on How to Give Dawah (100pgs long)  

Dawah Training Manual (23pgs long)   

Advice for those that are new to giving dawah  



Ebooks I Recommend, free to download:

The Choice – Ahmed Deedat  

Muslim –Christian Dialogue


(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)

Rebuttals to Claims of Non-Muslims About Islam  

(More Coming Soon) 

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