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Hotlines, Arrange Mosque Visits, Find a Mentor – Via has a Toll-free hotline for various countries

Toll Free line – Receives calls from USA, Canada, UK, France, & Australia. Note:

No Calls from Skype or Google Talk numbers will be taken on hotline.

You must dial from a landline or cell number.

In US, UK, France & Australia please call anytime 24/7:

In US please call: 1-877-Whyislam (949-4752)

In Australia please call: 1-300-WHYISLAM

In France please call: 0800-91-88-92

In UK please call: 0808-189-1044

Find a Mentor (for those in the USA)

If you are in the USA, you can visit and they can match you with a mentor that can help you through the learning process in the first stages as a new Muslim.

Visit this link and look under the section for “Services”, and you will find the option for “New Muslim Mentoring”

Schedule a Mosque Visit (for those in the USA) can arrange a visit if you want. 1-877-WHY-ISLAM has a nationwide team of volunteers, who host non-Muslims or new Muslims at their local Mosques.

If you’re interested, they will find a mosque close to your residence, then schedule a good time and date for you to come by. You can visit the mosque, view one of 5 daily prayer services, or attend one of their interfaith events, or just converse with the many members of a mosque. If you have any questions, you can also discuss them with the mosque members.

To have them help you arrange a mosque visit, please fill the form found HERE

Orientation to Manners of Attending the Mosque (2 Parts)

These two lessons will tell you about everything and what to expect and do.

Part 1

Part 2

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