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Modern Hindu Books

Relax with Yoga

Introduction to Modern Raja Yoga with photos of Asanas, by Arthur Liebers (1960).

Great Systems of Yoga
Review of Yogi Systems, by Ernest Wood (1954).

Old Deccan Days
Written by Mary Frere (1868).

Ramakrishna, His Life and Sayings
Collected words of the Hindu sage who transcended arbitrary religious boundaries, by F. Max Muller (1898).

The Gospel of Ramakrishna
The first-hand accounts of the Bengali holy man who preached about unity of religions, by Mahendra Nath Gupta, edited by Swami Abhedananda (1907).

Hindu Mythology, Vedic and Puranic
Detailed explanation of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, by W. J. Wilkins (1900).

How To Be A Yogi
The road map of the Yogic Schools, by Swami Abedananda (1902).

Twenty-two Goblins
By Arthur W. Ryder (1912).

Indian Fairy Tales
By Joseph Jacobs (1912).

Indian Myth and Legend
Hindu mythology from the earliest times through the Mahabharata and Ramayana, by Donald A. Mackenzie (1913).

Can work be holy? By Swami Vivekananda (1912).

Hindu Mysticism
By S. N. Dasqupta (1927).

Writings of Sister Nivedita (Margaret E. Noble)

Kali the Mother
Devotional writings to the Mother Goddess Kali. (1900).

The Web of Indian Life (1904).

Studies from an Eastern Home (1913).

Writings of Rabindranath Tagore

Gitanjali (1913).

Saddhana, The Realisation of Life (1915).

The Crescent Moon  (1916).

Fruit-Gathering  (1916).

Stray Birds  (1916).

The Home and the World (1915).

Thought Relics (1921).

Songs of Kabîr  (1915).

The Indian Stories of F.W. Bain



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