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Is Jesus God? 240+ Bible Verses say 'No' - Part 1: "Introduction"

By: Shannon Abulnasr © 2017


Part 1I would like to start by quoting a few passages of the Bible, to set the foundation for the information in this series.

1 Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.”

Proverbs 30:6 “Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.”

Jeremiah 8:8 “"'How can you say, "We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD," when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?”

Bible scholars and theologians admit that the Bible has been corrupted over time, both accidentally and intentionally by scribes and editors, and even maliciously! Yes maliciously!  When you see the contradictions that exist, you will realize this is not just a claim made by people that are not Christians. You will discover that it is a proven fact!  All you have to do is study the Bible in depth, comparing books in it, and also comparing versions to each other. Even the writers wrote in their letters in the Bible, that it was their own words, and even without inspiration from God!

You can take a simple look at this chart to see how vastly the Bible has been corrupted.  It lists a collection of the most widely used versions today, and shows a simplified list of what is missing in some Bibles, yet found in others. Some Bibles are missing entire books that other Bibles have!  How to know which one is the truth if HUNDREDS of Bible versions (in the same language even) have such differences and stories in them that others don’t?

If the Bible was ‘God-breathed’ as claimed in 1Timothy, then God wouldn’t have so many versions of the Bible, nor be making contradictory remarks, nor be confused about who he is and isn’t, and who Jesus was and was not. It wouldn’t be having writer’s comments in it, stating it was their own words from their own studying, like it does in Luke 1:3 . The books of the Bible are even named after the writers of those books within the Bible. In fact, many of them were not ever meant to even be scriptures, nor did the writers know that what they wrote would be considered scriptures!  Many of them were merely writing letters to other people, sometimes specific people, having had no divine revelations or even inspiration. They merely wrote what they were taught, told, or heard, or read elsewhere. This is why there are so many variations to stories about the same story from one gospel to the other, making the writers contradict each other and look like liars.  How can that be considered ‘god-breathed’?

So, if you check the references I’ve provided thus far, you will accept that the Bible has been altered by mankind…A LOT. Now we can move on to…

“Is Jesus God?” 

There are handfuls of verses in the Bible that suggest that Jesus is God and part of a trinity, but on the contrary, there are hundreds more that indicate that he is not.  Even if there were more verses that say he is God, than not God… a problem still exists, as long as there is one verse that says he isn’t.  How can it not be a problem then, if there are hundreds more that say he is not God, than there are that teach that he is?  A person simply can’t dismiss hundreds upon hundreds of verses with whatever excuses they want to present for the case, when there are hundreds requiring dismissal or refuting.

Since Christians are all taught the verses that show divinity, I will not focus on them, because any Christian should be able to quote them easily, as they are well known, and repeated in Church constantly. 

So, let’s ponder over a large number of the verses that demonstrate to us that Jesus can’t be God, that you won’t hear about in Bible study classes, or preached about in Sunday services at your local church. 

Since this compilation is so extensive, it has been broken up into a series of articles due to it being comparable to a book in length.  I’ve sorted the verses into categories based on the main points that are covered in that verse. Each category has its own separate page/article to make it easier to find what you are looking for, and to navigate this vast collection of information quickly and easily. 

Some verses fit into more than one category. When verses were counted for this article, duplications were not included in the count.  There are over 240 verses used in this article, and some of those are repeated in other sections, so if it were counted in total, it would probably be 300+ verses. I don’t want anyone to think the duplicates were counted, because they were not.

All Bible verses were taken and cross-linked to and Qur'an verses taken and cross-linked from (Various translations used from both collections throughout).

Enjoy swimming in this ocean of information.

Below is a menu of the categories. 

Click the section you wish to read about, to go directly to that page.

  1. Introduction
  2. Jesus is God Claim
  3. Others were called Son of God
  4. God is not a man
  5. God is not a son of man
  6. Jesus was son of MAN (Mankind)
  7. No God but God – No person is even like God
  8. God is perfect – Jesus was not
  9. God is greater than Jesus – Jesus is subordinate to God
  10. Jesus denies he is God – Says he was sent by God
  11. Jesus was a prophet sent by God
  12. Jesus was God’s servant, chosen one, and beloved
  13. Jesus called God “my father” and the father “my God”
  14. Disciples did not believe Jesus was God
  15. Jesus prayed to & worshipped God
  16. Jesus & others say to worship God ONLY
  17. Jesus had to learn - God naturally knows all
  18. Jesus could not do anything by Himself
  19. Who is the Judge? Jesus or God?
  20. Jesus was lower than angels & strengthen by them
  21. Jesus’ teachings were from God, NOT Jesus himself
  22. Jesus regarded God’s testimony as separate from his own
  23. Jesus wanted God’s will to be done, not his own
  24. God performed miracles and works through Jesus and others
  25. Jesus’ powers and authority were given to him
  26. God made Jesus “Lord”
  27. Being fatherless does not make you God
  28. Jesus lived because of God
  29. Being alive in heaven doesn’t make one God
  30. God cannot be seen, but Jesus was seen
  31. God would save the Messiah from harm & make him victorious
  32. Claim that God couldn’t understand mankind’s suffering
  33. God doesn’t need Jesus to save mankind from sins
  34. Jesus and others died and was raised back alive, but God cannot die
  35. Jesus was tempted by Satan, but God cannot be tempted
  36. Jesus sinned
  37. Jesus never sat on David’s throne as God declared
  38. Unfulfilled Old Testament Prophecy – Messiah would destroy the Romans
  39. Polytheism & Trinity Concept
  40. Conclusion: God is ONE – There are no others

Continue to the next Section – Part 2: “Jesus is God”

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