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“Allah” in the Bible

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Did you know that the name of God “Allah” is actually found in the Bible?

Many non-Muslims mistakenly think that Allah is a different God from the God of the Bible.   Muslims, Christians, and Jews have the same God, but they (Christians and the Jews) both deviated in different ways, both altering scriptures, and adding things that were never found in the original scriptures, and through which, lied against God.

“Allah” is simply the Arabic word for “THE God” – the one and only TRUE God. Let there be no doubt - Muslims worship the same God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus (peace be upon them all) However, Jews, Christians and Muslims all have different concepts of Almighty God. For example, Muslims and Jews both reject the Christian beliefs of the Trinity.  We worship God, and God alone, not Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him), who was a human that was given divine status by Bible authors.  Jews and Muslims both find this to be blasphemy, because it is breaking the first commandment.

Do we have a different God? - No.  We are all three Abrahamic faiths and monotheistic.  While we have the same God, Christians have just deviated from this path and attributed a partner/helper/son to God.    

Abdurrahman Robert Squires explains that:

“It is important to note that “Allah” is the same word that Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews use for God.  If you pick up an Arabic Bible, you will see the word “Allah” being used where “God” is used in English.  This is because “Allah” is a word in the Arabic language equivalent to the English word “God” with a capital “G”.  Additionally, the word “Allah” cannot be made plural, a fact which goes hand-in-hand with the Islamic concept of God.

It is interesting to note that the Aramaic word “El”, which is the word for God in the language that Jesus spoke, is certainly more similar in sound to the word “Allah” than the English word “God.”  This also holds true for the various Hebrew words for God, which are “El” and “Elah”, and the plural or glorified form “Elohim.”  The reason for these similarities is that Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic are all Semitic languages with common origins.  It should also be noted that in translating the Bible into English, the Hebrew word “El” is translated variously as “God”, “god” and “angel”!  This imprecise language allows different translators, based on their preconceived notions, to translate the word to fit their own views.  The Arabic word “Allah” presents no such difficulty or ambiguity, since it is only used for Almighty God alone.  Additionally, in English, the only difference between “god”, meaning a false god, and “God”, meaning the One True God, is the capital “G”.  Due to the above mentioned facts, a more accurate translation of the word “Allah” into English might be “The One -and-Only God” or “The One True God.”

More importantly, it should also be noted that the Arabic word “Allah” contains a deep religious message due to its root meaning and origin.  This is because it stems from the Arabic verb ta’allaha (or alaha), which means “to be worshipped.”  Thus in Arabic, the word “Allah” means “The One who deserves all worship.”  This, in a nutshell, is the Pure Monotheistic message of Islam.

To say that Muslims worship a different “God” because they say “Allah” is just as illogical as saying that French people worship another God because they use the word “Dieu”, that Spanish-speaking people worship a different God because they say “Dios” or that the Jews worship a different God because they sometimes call Him “Yahweh.””[i]

Every Christian will tell you that the Bible is available in every language in the world.  Any Missionary that goes to the Middle East to Arabic speaking nations, will give out a Bible that is translated to Arabic.

If you do a Google search for it you will find it easily.  I did a search and found some and I will prove to you that “Allah” is the Bible, using those Bibles.

I will open various Arabic Bibles found from various Christian websites and provide you the evidences below. 

I will open them and do a search for the word “Allah” in its Arabic form: اللهُ

Evidences of Allah in the Bible:               

On you can find the Arabic Bible (ERV-AR), published by The World, Bible Translation Center.  They give you the option to do a ‘parallel’ search, where you can have more than one translation open at a time.

When I did the search, with the King James Version, showing parallel to the Arabic Bible translation, I found that in Genesis, Chapter 1 alone, there are 33 instances that “Allah” is used in its Arabic form.  Below is a screenshot of the first page with “Allah” highlighted in yellow:

Allah in the Bible

Old Scofield Study Bible Cover


Ahmed Deedat had brought to attention in his book The Choice the fact that Allah is mentioned in the footnotes of the Authorized King James Version’s Scofield Study Bible .  So, I found a copy of this Bible, and opened it up, and took a screenshot of the entire page below.  When you look at the footnotes for Genesis 1:1, it actually has “El” and “Alah” ( with one l ), to explain the meanings and pronunciations. 

Allah in Scofield Bible Genesis Footnotes

So, there you have it! Allah in both Arabic and in English in the Christian Bible.














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[i] Squires, A. R. Who is Allah? , Retrieved from July 11, 2017. 

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