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Snake Bites & Drinking Poison: The True Test of Faith in the Bible

By: S.L.A © 2016

Man holding snake cross backgroundHave you ever heard of Christians that ‘take up snakes’ as a test of their faith?

Some Christian denominations such as Pentecostals are known for their belief and practice of the true test of faith as mentioned in Mark 16:17-18:

“And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

When reading the New International Version of the Bible, as well as other versions, you will find a footnote for this passage which explains that it is not found in the most ancient manuscripts. Scholars agree that this passage was not included in the original scriptures, and should not be followed. This doesn’t stop some believers though.

I discussed this passage corruption in detail in my article titled Bible Corruption Series: Part 4 – Mark 16:9-20, Resurrection of Jesus.

Mark 16.9 20 Longer Ending

Considering that this is a corruption which was added later, it puts believing people at great risk of danger from snakes and poison, if they believe it true, and test it. In fact, many have tested it, and failed that test, and lost their lives as a result. Believing Christians will say “well they must not have really been a believer, otherwise they would not have been even slightly harmed.” Well, ironically, there have been numerous pastors and preachers of Churches which have failed this test and died.

Pastor John David Brock died after a snake bit him at his church . He went to his brother’s home afterwards and died, because he refused medical treatment, and was depending on his faith to save him.

Another Pastor, Jamie Coots also died of a snake bite at his church in Kentucky, as did his father before him.

Pastor Mack Wolford died of one as well.

Then there are Christians that fail at the drinking poison test, costing them their lives. Then, there are those that refuse to even attempt the test. Pastor Stanley Sjoberg refuses to do the poison test to prove his faith. I guess he knew he is believing in something that isn’t the true words of God after all. Watch this funny confrontation in a debate where he is given poison to drink to prove his faith, and he talks about his pure faith in the complete Bible, but yet refuses to prove his faith.

In the below video, David Wood, a popular Christian debate personality, refuses to drink poison, openly admitting by compulsion or fear to drink the poison, that the verse in Mark is in fact a fabrication.

We can’t forget about Jonestown, Guyana!

Over 900 Christians followers of preacher Jim Jones, drank poison and in November of 1978, which resulted in mass death of men, women, and children (the parents forced the children to drink cyanide).  In this video documentary of the event live, you can see these people drinking that poison and dropping like flies. The second half of the video is about the famous Christian Preacher Benny Hinn, who is exposed for his fake “healings” on his popular T.V. show. An investigative news channel tracked down some of the people recorded to have been supposedly ‘healed’ after the show, and found the people either got worse, or even died.

So, are all these Christian preachers, and all of those hundreds of others all lacking faith? Is that why they died, or where not healed? I think it is a sure sign of faith that they did the test in the first place, so to say they didn’t have the faith, is rather contradicting the obvious. Do you have enough faith to try the test?

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