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Bible Corruption Series: Part 1 - Intro to Bible Version Differences

By: S.L.A. © 2016


Have you ever studied the variations between Bible versions? Different ‘versions’ exist, because they are not the same. While Muslims agree that Bibles have variations in wordings of verses due to translations, the examples we will be talking about in this series cannot be attributed to translation issues, but instead only to MISSING or ADDED verses. It can’t be a different wording of a passage (translation issue), if the passage itself is missing entirely in one, and found in another.

You can view a list of over 100+ Versions of the English Translation, and see what sources were used when writing it, of the Bible versions HERE.

Below is a chart showing a quick glance of some verses which appear in some Bibles, and not in others.

Disputed Passage Chart

We will be discussing some of these verses above within this series as well as others not listed. Read part 2 linked below.


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