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Crime and Punishment In Islam

Crime and punishment

5 Part Series on Crime & Punishment


Part 1 - Introduction

Introduction and the Islamic approach to combating crime.

Part 2 - Forms of Punishment in Islam

Distinguishing features of the Islamic penal system, and an introduction to the three forms of punishment which Islam has legislated for certain crimes.

Part 3 - Hudood – Prescribed Punishments

The first form of punishment – Prescribed punishments or ‘Hudood’, and the types of crimes for which it has been legislated, as well as the wisdom behind it.

Part 4 - Retribution and Discretionary Punishments

The second and third types of punishments, retribution and discretionary punishments, the types of crimes for which they have been legislated, as well as the wisdom behind them.

Part 5 - Objectives of the Islamic Penal System

A discussion of what the legislation of these types of punishment seeks to bring about in a society.

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